Friday, 27 November 2009

Cheetah MD16 /16R Drum Machine

Cheetah Marketing Company


EXS24/EXSP24 Sampler Instrument


Sounds and Samples

Tips and Tricks (Battery Leakage),377.0.html

There is a seller on eBay (, sells the Schematics, and all of the following parts, etc., In a little Spares/Repairs Kit;

1 x 834200A IC
1 x DAC312 IC
5 x 1/4"Jack Socket
1 x 62256 -10 RAM IC
2 x LM324
1 x M50734SP-10
1 x D4016C
2 x 4051 IC
1 x 74HCT139 IC
1 x 74HCT373 IC
1 x 74HCT374 IC
1 x 74HCT151 IC
3 x 74HCT74 IC
2 x 74HCT4520 IC
1 x 74HCT75 IC
1 x 74HCT00 IC
1 x 74HCT08 IC
2 x 74HCT138 IC
2 x 74HCT273 IC
1 x 74HCT238 IC
1 x 74HCT04 IC
1 x 74HCT283 IC
1 x 74HCT32 IC
1 x 74HCT157 IC

All of these items and the schematics for £13.99 Buy It Now!, and £2.50 Postage and Packaging, 100% Feedback.

This seller on eBay (, sells Varta 3.6v Ni-Mh batteries to replace the onboard battery which is prone to leak, before you think about purchasing a machine if possible try to see the inside of the unit as the battery tends to leak and the battery acid eats into the circuit board, tracks, resistors, etc.

Once you change the battery you will need to do a Factory Reset, as the unit will be saying Cold Start everytime it is turned on.

To do a Factory Reset you must PRESS - SHIFT and YES, when it says COLDSTART. It will reset the whole unit and all the sounds, etc., and the Cold Start will then go away and you can setup all your sounds and pads again.

For more audio production information and advice visit;

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